Creating a business card website

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What is included in the development of a business card website

The development of a business card site includes up to 5 pages. This information is quite enough to declare your company (prices, contacts) and its advantages. For many of your potential customers, this is just what you need. If you wish, you can order the development of additional pages

When developing a business card site, you get:

As the company expands, we will easily turn your business card site into a full-fledged corporate site with 10 - 150 ... pages.

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What are the adventages of a business card website?

Benefits of creating a business card website:

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  1. The minimum price for creating a site;
  2. Minimum terms of site development;
  3. Ease of perception of the site by visitors;
  4. Individual representation on the Internet;
  5. Attraction of new clients;
  6. Expansion of the commodity market;
  7. Communication with existing clients;
  8. Increasing company awareness;
  9. Simplify customer service.
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Our approach to creating business card websites

We are ready to take on the development of business card sites of almost any complexity.During development, we delve into the details of your business so that the product meets your expectations.

Let's revive the idea, no matter how "impossible" it may seem at first glance.

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  1. We meet deadlines
  2. Transparent prices
  3. Staged payment
  4. Individual approach
  5. All services in one place


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With the help of a business card site, you will launch your business on the Internet. The main thing is not to put off what has been started until later.

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